Cute Riders

Cute Rider is a ride-on toy ready to bring children between 1-5 years on fun and stimulating playful adventures. With Cute Rider, the child exercises their balance and mobility. The child sits comfortably on the strong plastic seat with anti-slip and kicks with the feet to get the Cute rider moving. Cute Rider spins and rolls easily and quietly over the floor. The children themselves could move their Cute Rider in any possible direction. Each model have a cargo space under the seat where the children can put things they need for the game. Perfect when exploring the world.

1970 Cute Rider Bear
1971 Cute Rider Leopard
1972 Cut Rider Cat
1973 Cute Rider Panda
81970 Cute Rider Bear in Gift Box
81971 Cute Rider Leopard in Gift Box
81972 Cute Rider Cat in Gift Box
81973 Cute Rider Panda in Gift Box