Design & Quality

Swedish design is known all over the world, primarily for the fact that a product´s form reflects its function in a minimalistic and stylish way. Viking Toys, with its timeless design and high quality, is no exception to this design principle and contributes to the fact that our toys last a lifetime. In short, Viking´s design reflects and incorporates our so-called “5 S´s, SAFE, SIMPLE, STRONG, SOFT and SILENT, with safe being the most important S of them all. Through its design, Viking Toys want to enrich your child´s play so that play, and our products, last forever.


We want our toys to last for many years of play and therefore we use only high grade, virgin materials in our products. The soft materials we use in our manufacturing process, neither breaks nor lose their colour when exposed to sun, the cold or rainy weather. The axles are made of strong rustproof steel so they can endure wet and humid conditions and also withstand the rough play they are exposed to. The soft wheels on our toys allow our toys will keep them rolling silently for many years to come.

All materials used in the manufacture of Viking toys are BPA-free and contain no phthalates.

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Rigorous testing

All our toys pass rigorous and continuous testing according to five world safety standards; EN71 (Europe), ISO8124 (Australia), ASTM & CPSIA (U.S.), CCC (China) & the Japanese Food Sanitation Law, nothing is left to chance regarding safety, and in addition to testing by 3rd party accredited laboratories such as Bureau Veritas (, we also continually perform in-house testing to insure that our toys meet the safety requirements of these standards.

Viking Toys five S´s

Our toys are safe even for the youngest child. They have been thoroughly tested and meet all international toy safety standards. The plastic we use is an approved food-grade quality and contains no toxins or phthalates. No small parts can come loose, this all to insure safe toys for safe play.

All our products are produced in soft flexible plastic. The design is chubby, rounded and friendly with no sharp edges or anything else that can hurt the child.

We believe that a toy itself should stimulate the child’s fantasy and encourage play. Therefore, form and function are of primarily importance to us at Viking. With simple, strong lines and clear colours we want to encourage the child to take control over his/her playtime.

The soft tires on all Viking Toys allow them to run silently on all surfaces. This is important in a school environment and of course, also in your home. The soft tires also help prevent damage to both floors and furniture.

All our toys are designed to withstand children’s rough and tough play, indoors as well as outdoors. The plastic material remains the same no matter what the weather or the climate.

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For over 40 years Viking Toys has been consistent in design and quality. Our first designer, Björn Alskog, started designing for us in 1974 and made the simple prototypes with his bare hands out of clay, cardboard and wood. He continued designing for us until his retirement in 2007. In 2008 we began working together with Henrik Johansson who has succeeded in creating new designs based on the original principles of what Viking Toys stand for.


Björn Ahlskog

Designer 1996-2007

”In order to design good toys, one must have a feeling for the spirit of children’s play. Actually, I think the designer himself must be a person who likes to play and diddle like a child as I do. I prefer to design by constructing a model of the product bit by bit, in cardboard or wood. At Viking, we often decide at our product meetings what should be designed. Sometimes I have my own ideas which I present to Viking Toys. To even be considered for the Viking range, the toy must meet the Viking 5S-criteria… it must be SAFE, SIMPLE, STRONG, SOFT and SILENT. And safety is without a doubt the most important “S” for Viking.”


Henrik Johansson

Designer since 2007

”Viking Toys embody a unique product design that adds to and helps strengthen the brand value of the line. As head designer for Viking Toys, it is my mission to continue along this successful path and to accentuate the brand identity in all new products and concepts. A typical product from Viking Toys should be designed based on classical, basic play values and combine these values with a modern perspective of the child’s world of today. My goal is to create toys that enrich play, last for play and make children want to play.”


Viking Toys is a Swedish company with Swedish design.


Viking Toys have been tested and approved for children from 1 year of age and up.


Our toys are also dishwasher proof.

Frequently asked questions

What are Viking Toys made of?

All Viking Toys are manufactured from food grade materials. W use mainly LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) in our toys, although certain small parts and figures are made of high quality ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), same as in LEGO. All our tires are made of soft plastic.

Do Viking Toys contain phthalates?

NO, Viking Toys do not contain phthalates or softeners of any other kind considered to be carcinogenic or harmful in any way. All our toys are also tested for 7 known harmful phthalates in order to comply with CPSIA and EC regulations.

Do Viking Toys meet international toy safety standards?

YES, all Viking toys are tested with regularity by accredited test laboratories and meet all relevant parts of the European toy standard (EN-71), the American toy standard (ASTM), US CPSIA requirements, the Australian and New Zealand standard (AS/NZS ISO 8124), CCC (China), the Japanese Food Sanitation Law and all other known national toy safety standards. Test certificates are available on request for all products available in your country.

Do Viking Toys contain Bisphenol A?

NO, Viking Toys are free from BPA.

Do Viking Toys contain lead or other heavy metals?

NO, Lead is not used in any of our products, nor paint or ink. All our materials are also continuously tested for traces of lead, chromium in accordance with US and EC regulations.

Are Viking Toys suitable for small children?

YES, All Viking Toys have been tested and approved for children from 1-3 years of age which means they are suitable even for smaller children.