What are our toys made of?
We mainly use LDPE in our toys. Some parts such as figures and parts in harder plastic are made of first-class ABS plastic, a material that is often used in the manufacture of medical equipment. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is not used in any of Viking Toys products. For product specifics, please have a look under each product in our web shop. You will find material under specifications. 


Does our toys meet the requirements for toys today?
All our toys undergo thorough and continuous testing according to five world safety standards. EN71 (Europe), ISO8124 (Australia), ASTM & CPSIA (USA), CCC (China) and the Japanese Food Purification Act. This means that we live up to all the criteria that are currently set for a toy. In addition to testing accredited third-party laboratories such as Bureau Veritas (www.bureauveritas.com), we also perform continuous testing to ensure that our toys meet the safety requirements of these standards.


How often does our toys get tested?
All our toys are tested both by our own laboratory and by accredited laboratories for the first time before leaving the factory for distribution and then continuously when any changes are made to materials or construction


Does Viking Toys contain lead or other heavy metals?
No, lead and/or other heavy metals are not present or are not detectable according to our test reports. Paints and inks used in and on our toys also do not contain any heavy metals such as lead.


Are the colors and dyes used in Viking Toys toys free of toxins?
Yes, all paints, dyes and inks used on or in our products have been tested and approved and shown to be completely free of toxic substances. Our toys are thus safe even for the youngest children.


Can a child pull off the wheel of any of your cars?
No, all products have been approved according to the requirements of the European, American, Australian and New Zealand directives. These require that the wheels can be subjected to a minimum traction of 90 N, which corresponds to approximately 9 kilos. In general, at least a traction force of 350 N or 35 kilos is needed to pull a wheel off our toys, which makes it almost impossible even for an adult to pull the wheels off without a tool.n.


Are your toys dishwasher safe?
Yes, all our toys are dishwasersafe


If I am dissatisfied with or have discovered something wrong with the Viking Toys products I bought, what do I do and where do I turn then?
We here at Viking Toys are very grateful and interested in ALL the feedback we can get from our customers, satisfied and dissatisfied. Regardless of how insignificant you may think it is with comments to us, we will use all the information you give us to correct incorrect products or to improve and develop other or new products. If you contact us by e ‐ mail, telephone or perhaps by letter, explain clearly what your views are and we will do our best to resolve what you have views on. Of course, we replace all products that you are dissatisfied with. 



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