Toys that breaths top quality and timeless Swedish design


Viking Toys toys exude timeless Swedish design and high quality. Over the years, Viking Toys has received several awards for excellent design, function and quality. Our design and quality are reflected in what we call our "Five S", Safe, Soft, Simple, Silent and Strong ". Through these core values, Viking Toys wants to enrich children's play so that play and our products last a lifetime.


The philosophy behind Viking Toy's quality toys is that they should be seen as a sustainable alternative to today's wear-and-throw culture and toys that are barely suitable for play. Our timeless design thinking together with our high quality requirements means that the toys can be tolerated to play with over several generations. Our mission ever since our first toy car has been to create sustainable quality toys. This is because we are well aware that a child's world seems to collapse if their favorite toy breaks. The child is sad and that is why we make toys according to the motto: It is better to build durable, high-quality toys than to have to repair broken hearts. To live up to our motto, we set extremely high standards at all stages of our toy production. Since the start, Viking Toys has created its own design language, which makes the toys easily feel comfortable. Our first designer, Björn Alskog, started designing for us in 1974 and made the simple prototypes with his bare hands of clay, cardboard and wood. He continued to design for us until his retirement in 2007. In 2008, we began collaborating with Henrik Johansson who managed to further develop our design and create new products based on the original principles of what toys from Viking Toys stand for.


The 5 S's