"The future is ours". We know our children, and their future children, would not want their play to be a reason for a less fruitful earth. Play is fundamental in childrens life, also in many adults life, and it should continue being that. We are constantly working to develop out production of our toys, from start to finish, to reach the most fair travle.  possible. 

When we talk about sustainability, we talk about ecological, social and economical sustainability. All these three dimensions must work together and overlap to reach a long term and solid base for the future. We have choosen to look at and work from the basis of three perspectives that we see the most important for us: the conscious small company, the conscious market and the conscious consumer.   

Our continued work with sustainability 

As you might have seen we have started our sustainability journey with Ecoline that was lanched 2018.We want to do more and we can do more! 2021 has been a year where we have put alot of time and effoert looking at where we here at Viking Toys want to put our energy and where we should put our focus on. We have reach out for external expertise help. Together with ALMI we are working on our 2030 goals. We have also started a very exiting collaboration with Mette Bak-Andersen, an expert consultant in the transisiton to cirkular economy. 

The will is with us and although it is not always easy to know where you should focus, we want to do what will bring the most for our environment and for our future, as it is ours.