About Viking Toys

Viking toys stands for Swedish timeless design and high quality. Over the years, Viking toys has received several awards for excellent design, function and quality. The design and quality is reflected in what they call the “Five S’ (safe, soft, simple, silent and strong). Through these core values, Viking Toys wants to enrich children’s play so that their products last a lifetime.

Viking Toys are designed for explorative and open-end play. Their toys can be used with natures elements such as soil, beach sand and water, which will encourage the child to explore nature. All their toys can be used outdoors. There are no defined stories attached to the toy and no instructions on how to use the toy. This inspires open-ended play, which stimulates the child’s imagination and creativity.
We are a family business in Torsås Sweden designing and producing high quality and durable toys since 1974. Our father, Gösta, founded the company in 1974 here in the little village in southeast Sweden. He loves toys, quality and people. In 2020 Caroline, the oldest one of us, became CEO of the company. Since then also Josie and Maggie, the other 2 sister of us, has joined to company.