Mmm, now we're really starting to feel the smell of lynx cats and gingerbread! No wonder, because Christmas is here soon!

We guess you have clicked here because you want to have a child near you and a Christmas present and need inspiration? Of course we will help you! Let's suggest some really nice packages with high play value!

1. Our playset Stockholm! This lovely play set is inspired by Sweden's capital city. This set truly incites little boys and girls to use their imagination, and develop their linear and narrative thinking ability through role-play and storytelling. It also encourages playing in a group and helps young children to develop important social skills through play.

2. Maybe your child has wished for his or her own dog as a Christmas gift? Let us then suggest our Cute Rider Dog, a ride-on toy that is a true companion to all children that wish for a dog friend. The Cute rider is available in seven different animals. The best thing with this toy? The wheels are quiet and fully swivel (360 degrees). And there Is a storing box under the seat.

3. Are you searching for a bit more sustainable alternative? Let us introduce our Ecoline collection. All toys in this assortment are made from the natural and renewable material sugar cane. One of the most popular toys in the Ecoline-collection is our Jumbo Fire Truck. The Fire Truck measures 28 cm and is perfect for the young firefighter and will encourage its creative skills. AND we plant a tree for every sold Ecoline Jumbo vehicle.  

Do you not feel that these toys are right for the child you have in mind? Contact us via email, phone or social media (Instagram & Facebook) and tell us more about the child in question and we will help you!

Cute Rider Dog
Cute Rider Dog

Cute Rider Dog

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