Barry Blue and the grumpy bear


One sunny October day, Barry Blue is out in the forest looking for mushroom. He’s having his friend Chippy over for dinner, and hopes to treat him with a nice mushroom soup.

            It’s a beautiful day and it doesn’t take long before Barry finds a good mushroom spot. While he’s picking the mushroom, he’s whistling a little tune like he always does when he’s in a good mood. When nearly half the mushroom basket is full, he hears a cracking sound. Barry turns around and there’s a bear with an angry expression on his face.

- Hello mr Bear, how do you do? Barry greats.

- What is that awful noise? the bear growls.

- My whistling?

- Whistling?! It sounds more like a foghorn! It’s giving me a headache.

- Excuse me, mr Bear, but why are you in such a terrible mood? Barry asks. And why are you even up, shouldn’t you be hibernating by now? It’s October.

- Well, that’s the problem, the bear says. I can’t fall asleep! I’ve been trying for weeks.

- Oh, so that’s why you’re grumpy. I’m always in a bad mood when I don’t sleep. I can help you.

- Really? How?

- Piece of cake! All we need is some warm milk and a news paper.

            Barry and the grumpy bear go home to the bear’s cottage. On their way they pass the supermarket and get the milk and the paper Barry needs to help the bear. After drinking the warm milk seasoned with cinnamon, the bear jums into bed.

- Are you sure about this? he asks Barry.

- Absolutely! Now I’m gonna read to you. What’s your least favourite part of the paper?

- The sport results.

- I agree, those are really boring. You’ll fall asleep in no time!

            And Barry is actually right! He’s only halfway through the lacrosse results when he hears the bear snoring. He silently puts down the paper and whispers good night. And when the bear and Barry Blue meet again, in April, the grumpiness is all gone. The bear happily waves at Barry and has a big smile on his face. And for those of you who don’t believe that bears actually smile, I can tell they do. But only if they sleep well.