The Little Trainstation 


Bingo the Bear's resting in the sun at the little train station. Two men are talking nearby and Bingo can't help hearing:

- Have you heard they're tearing down the little train station? 

- Yup. Everyone flies nowadays, so if there's no train tonight, it's bye-bye little train station.

   Bingo's shocked. Tear it down? How awful! It's such a nice little train station. Every year the Martins nest under its roof-ridge. And the funny train whistle, are its whistling days over? Bingo hurries to his friend Froggo. He's also shocked.

- Could we make a protest list?

- Or, instead we could make sure a train arrives tonight! Together!Now, where do we find a train?

     The two friends begin their search. Soon they meet Pinki Pig. Maybe she knows.          

- A train? But everyone flies!

- That's the problem. If there's no train tonight, it's bye-bye little train station. Then the whistle'll never whistle again and the Martins have to move.

- Terrible! Count me in!

     Soon they meet Ellie Phant. Perhaps she wants to help too?

- What can I do? I'm just one little elephant.

- But together we're many!

     Finally they reach the Big City Train Station. The train's bored. But it certainly cheers up when our friends want to buy tickets to the little train station.

- At last! I thought I would have to apply for an early retirement.

     Soon everyone's seated.

- Trains are vey pleasant. And friendlier to the environment.

- And there's so much to see. The whole world dashes by. Look!

- And it sounds just like a song when the train rides the rail. Ka-dung ka-dung huii ka-dung... They join the train song and before they know it they arrive at the little train station. The whistle welcomes them and passers-by smile at each other.

- A train! they say. This means the little train station's saved!

- Did you hear?! We made it! Yei for us!

- Of course we made it, Bingo growls. We did it together!

     Together. Probably the best word in the whole wide world.