About the toys


The idea behind Viking Toy's quality toys is an alternative to today's wear-and-throw culture and toys that are barely suitable for play. Our timeless design thinking together with our high quality requirements means that the toys can be tolerated to play with over several generations.  This is because we are well aware that a child's world seems to collapse if their favorite toy breaks. The child is sad and that is why we make toys according to the motto: It is better to build durable, high-quality toys than to have to repair broken hearts. 
Design and product development process
1. Brainstorm & define ideas 2. Analyze idea - including children's development, production, cost, packaging, logistics & Viking product family 3. Prototype  4. Feedback from distributors 5. Calculation - The cost and FOB / Retail price are examined as well as investments to manufacture new tools. 6. New tool 7. Test run
8. Approval from Viking Toys 9. Laboratory test - ALL toys are tested in laboratories to ensure that the world's toughest standards are met.
10. First delivery to the distributor  11. Orders  12. Production starts at the factory 13. Delivery

 The 5 S's 


"Playing should be fun and you should not have to worry about safety. Leave the worry to me, I promise that the game will be completely safe."

All our toys have undergone tests and meet all standards. The plastic we use does not contain any toxins. There are also no small parts on our toys that can come loose.

"I'm a big softie! My job is to make sure that the plastic in our toys is soft with rounded edges, no edges should be able to hurt little curious fingers."

Our toys are in soft and flexible plastic. Rounded shapes without sharp edges mean that the child can not cut or injure himself in any other way. Our soft material means that the toys can not damage, for example, floors or furniture

"It's better to build strong toys that last, than to have to repair broken hearts."

Our toys are extremely durable, thanks to the quality of the plastic and strong shafts in stainless steel. The toys can also be run in the dishwasher together with other dishes. If desired, our toys last for several generations.

"The game should be in focus, the toys tools. All the children need is their imagination and I am here to remind them of that. Play should be simple, it's that simple!"

Our products have a round and simple design in order to inspire children's imagination

"Do not get me wrong, I'm not the sound cop! During play, children should be heard, not toys."

Thanks to the soft wheels, the round shapes and the soft plastic, our toys are quieter than most others. This is appreciated especially in preschools where many children play at the same time.