What activity is better suited to summer than an outdoor pentathlon? It will for sure be appreciated by the children and if there also is an award ceremony at the end, everyone will be extra excited. Divide into two different teams and let the games begin!

Sack jumping
Use a cloth bag or garbage bag, depending on what you have at home. Mark out a starting line, set out a cone or similar to be rounded. When the participants have made it around the course, they hand the bag over to the next person and then sit down. When all participants in the team sit down, the game is completed. Which team will finish first?

Boot throwing
Each participant stands at the starting line and gets a throw with the boot. Feel free to let the children throw a smaller boot. Who throws the boot the farthest?

The candy string
Take one end of a candy string in your mouth and eat it using your mouth only, it is not allowed to use your hands. Who eats their string first?

Gallows relay
Put a hanger between your knees, run and round the cone and back again - without losing the hanger. Which team will finish first with all their participants?

Ball in a bucket
Set out one bucket per team and give each team 5 balls. Each participant gets 5 rolls. Which team manages to get the most balls in the bucket?