• We love to see, on social media, how playful and creative our products are used by children all over the world. Sometimes we ask you to allow us to use and share your pictures on our own channels. We will always refer to your, the photographer, Instagram account.

    If you accept a request from us to share your picture by answering #YesVikingToys, you accept following:

    - You give the right to Viking Toys AB to use all your pictures that you have tagged #YesVikingToys until further notice. It is non-exclusive, no-compensation, international usage in marketing and advertising including social media, catalogues, newsletters, as long as other customer related issues and marketing. Viking Toys AB has no right to sell, give away or lend the picture to a third party. However, Viking Toys AB has no control over third party regarding copies or sharing the picture from our media.

    - Viking Toys AB has the right to edit and cut the picture so it can be adjusted to the mentioned purpose.

    - You cannot ask Viking Toys AB to pay you or somebody else for using the picture.

  • - If you are under 18 years old you guarantee that you also have consent from your guardian. 

    - You have to certify that you own all rights of the picture, as well as the permission from the persons in the picture to give the above mentioned rights to Viking Toys AB. You also have to certify that Viking Toys AB is not violating any third party´s rights or breaking any laws by using the picture. You have to approve that you hold all responsibility of all and/or any claims from third party if the above is violated.

    You are welcome to contact us if you want to stop the usage of your picture further on, support@vikingtoys.se