Water play often is many kids’ favorite game. It’s easy to understand why. By splashing and playing with water the kids get to explore many senses and it's also pretty fun to get all wet. The Toy of the Month has several areas of us and suits extra well to use in water. We dare to promise that it will become the kid's new favorite!

Ship awry! What kid says no to being captain of a boat? The dream can come true with the toy boat Ecoline Jumbo Ferry! It measures 30 cm and has both wheels and a lace, which means that it can be dragged along both on land and in water. With the ferry also comes two travelers eager to breathe sea air and two cars with which you can make small excursions when docked at the nearest port.

This toy is included in our Ecoline collection and is made from sustainable and environmentally friendly sugarcane plastic. It has soft and round shapes and lovely dull pastel colors. It can be played with for generations and is also 100% dishwasher safe. The playset includes 1 ferry, 2 figures, and 2 cars. 

Ecoline Jumbo Ferry boat
Ecoline Jumbo Ferry boat

Ecoline Jumbo Ferry boat

Art. no: 20-81098LL