A toy can be so much more than just fun and games. At Viking Toys we want to put meaning into the play. Our Ecoline Recycling Truck is not just a fun and eco-friendly toy, it also teaches children about sorting bottles, leftovers, and cartons. The bricks have different colors, shapes, and symbols that the child should place in the correct hole on the truck bed – a often appreciated game in younger years. And after all, sorting waste is never a waste of time. Neither is playing!

The toy is a part of our Ecoline-series. It means that the toy is made from natural, renewable sources, in this case, sugar cane, which reduces CO2 emissions and in the long run, our environmental footprint. As a fact, sugar canes bind more CO2 when growing than the production of the raw material itself causes. The result is toys that are sustainable, non-toxic, oil-free, and 100% recyclable, combined with our timeless, durable design. The toys in our Ecoline-series have soft and round forms and soft pastel colors, and are just adorable if you ask us!

Ecoline Recycling Truck is, like all our toys, Swedish designed and 100% dishwasher safe. You find it on our webshop for 28,90 Euro.


Ecoline Recycling truck
Ecoline Recycling truck

Ecoline Recycling truck

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