Viking Toys' sustainability journey is on and in 2023 we have the privilege of launching a new toy line made from recycled plastic – RE:LINE! Since 2018, we have worked hard on sustainability and our transition to a circular economy. With the launch of Ecoline 2019, a toy collection made from plastic from sugar cane, and continuous work with sustainability expert Mette Bak-Andersen, we continue this very exciting and important journey.

RE:LINE is made from recycled plastic. Some in recycled PP, polypropylene, and some in recycled PE, polyethylene, depending on which qualities we want the toy to have. There is only one type of plastic in the entire toy. This is to make the toy fully recyclable.

RE:LINE uses plastic waste and in this way prevents it from ending up in landfills or our oceans. The recycled material comes from the recycling plant in northern Vietnam. The plastic is sorted, cleaned, and shredded into flakes. These flakes are the raw material and are then used in our factory in southern Vietnam to manufacture the toys to the same high standard and quality as all our other lines.

RE:LINE is certified with the RCS certification, Recycled Claim Standard. RCS is a standard for verifying the recycled content of a product throughout the supply chain and is used when part of a product is made from recycled materials. Both the producer of the recycled material and our production factory have the certification.

The journey for sustainable and ethical production is a journey we all share. It's a group effort! We know it takes time but we also know that everyone needs to do their part. We are so excited and so proud to be able to launch our RE:LINE toy collection on the market in 2023. It is the result of continued learning and hard work. This is just the beginning!