We dare to promise that your child will love our new lovely pull toy Ecoline Turtle. It follows the child everywhere and during the walk with the turtle, the child develops motor and coordination skills while training balance. It's also much more fun to practice walking with a friend by your side. The shapes are soft, round, and without sharp edges so the child does not hurt himself if he accidentally falls on the toy. Slow? No! The turtle is as fast as the child pulling him. He can be as fast as you want! And his cute little head happily bobs up and down as he moves. The turtle measures 25 cm and is also a lovely decoration detail in the child's room with its wonderful dull pastel colors. It is available in two colors: orange and green.

The toy is part of our Ecoline series. It means that it is made from natural, renewable material, in this case, sugar cane, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and, in the long run, the footprint we leave on the environment. The result is toys that are durable, poison- and oil-free, and also 100% recyclable. Just like all our toys, it is Swedish-designed and 100% dishwasher-safe.

Ecoline Turtle
Ecoline Turtle

Ecoline Turtle

Art. no: 20-81330LL