Today children often get introduced to sustainability already at daycare. They learn about sorting waste at an early age, not to put more food on the plate than they eat, and use material from nature in their creative activities – among many other things. It is important to continue to encourage this at home. We have listed a few activities to do together with the children that all focus on living more sustainably and reducing the print we leave on the planet. 

  1. Invent a new dish by making dinner with the leftovers in the fridge. As an inspiration: Left-over pasta, vegetables that have started to fade and a cheese edge will be perfect ingredients in a pasta gratin.
  2. Bring your child to the Recycling station and sort papers and packaging. Children usually get proud when they get to help by putting waste in the correct container.
  3. Time to sort out clothes your children have grown out of and toys they no longer play with? Gather these and participate in a flea market close to you.
  4. Visit a second hand-store and let the child choose a toy. In this way, you give the toy a second chance. Good for both your wallet and the planet.
  5. Museums often have free entrance for children and offer different activities appreciated by children.
  6. Visit a library and borrow a bunch of books to read by bedtime. Most children love to choose their very own favorite books.
  7. Check if there are any waste smart products next time you visit the grocery store. Sometimes products near the best before-date have a price reduction but most foods last much longer. Freeze in cream in ice cubes, make a jug of smoothie with the juice or why not bake a cake with the fruit that has started to get beauty spots?
  8. Grow spices on the window sill in the kitchen. You can either so them from seeds or buy your favorite herb and plant it in a pot. Let the child water it and pick a bunch to add to the stew.
  9. Make a trip to the forest and let the child collect material to create with at home. You can make a garland out of leaves, paint rocks as different animals, and the plate with lights can be decorated with chestnuts.