Lazy days at the beach suit the adults but children want funny games to spend the time between the swims with. We have listed our best activities that will bring both adults and children lots of joy!

  1. Who builds the best and most creative sandcastle? Watch out, it breaks easily!
  2. Noughts and crosses, draw lines in the sand. The first one to get three O or X in a row wins the game.
  3. Long jump, who jumps the farthest in the sand? Oops! Make sure that your beach neighbor doesn’t get sand all over him.
  4. Who collects the most garbage? Most children like to do good for nature. Bring a couple of waste bags to the beach, build teams and decide a time limit. The team that has collected the most garbage when the time is up has won the competition!
  5. Cast pig is the game where you throw a ball to each other. If you don’t catch the ball you get a new letter until you have missed the ball three times and become the P-I-G.
  6. Make works of art in the sand with rocks, shells, and sticks. Why not let everyone make their self-portrait?