In July many children are on summer holidays and sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas of how to spend the day. There are many activities that a free of charge or only cost a small amount of money that will bring both children and adults lots of joy. We have put together our best tips on activities that fit extra well during the summer.

  1. Make a bingo card with items you can find in the forest and get out in nature. The first person who gets a complete row wins.
  2. Buy small packages of ice cream and arrange ice cream testing. Maybe you´ll find a new favourite taste?
  3. Let your child choose seeds to plant, maybe from a favourite flower or vegetable, and take care of it until it grows.
  4. Pack the lunch or snack and have a picnic outdoors.
  5. Try out new playgrounds that you have never visited before.
  6. Put up a tent and camp in the garden.
  7. Blow soap bubbles and see who manages to make the biggest bubble.
  8. Start the water sprinkler and let the children run through the ice-cold water. We promise shouts of joy!
  9. Go to the library and borrow great books to read on a blanket outdoors.
  10. Visit a berry plantation where you are allowed to pick berries and fill up your buckets.
  11. Bake a tasteful cake on a rainy day.
  12. Make your own slime. A guaranteed success! Google and you find many different recipes to try.