What is cozier than playing a board game and spending some quality time together? We have different board games in our assortment that are entertaining for the whole family – from toddlers to grandma. Maybe you recognize the classic Frog game that has been available for several years and still is a true favorite. The purpose of the game is to be the first one to collect all your frogs in the bucket. The game includes 16 frogs in happy colors. The updated version also includes a playmat for more playing varieties. The perfect opportunity to practice mathematics as well as fine motor skills. The Ludo game is another popular board game that entertains children (as well as adults) for many hours. The game is about pushing out the opponent and being the first one to finish. But watch out, you have to hit one or six to enter the game plan.

Light some candles, set the table with snacks, and let the game begin!   

Frog game
Frog game

Frog game

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