The Viking Ecocity Charging station is one of our latest play sets just waiting to be played with! It offers great play value with the many included parts and when the play is finished, you just pack all the parts, close the lid and put the box back on the shelf. How practical? The toy is also perfect to pack and take with you on trips. We are extra proud that our charging station was nominated for Sustainable Toy of the Year 2022 by the industry organization Lek & Baby. The play set includes 12 road pieces, 2 ramps, 2 barriers, 1 car, 1 helicopter, and 3 road signs.

This toy is part of our Ecoline series. It means that the toy is made from natural, renewable material, in this case, sugar cane, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and, in the long run, also the footprint we leave on the environment. For us at Viking Toys, it is very important to work with sustainability and our common future. We know that our children and their future children would not want their play to be the foundation of a worse world. Therefore, we consider it our mission to create long-lasting sustainable play, with the main goal of helping children in explorative play.

Ecoline Charging Station
Ecoline Charging Station

Ecoline Charging Station

Art. no: 20-45540LL