When the cranes again can be seen in the sky after their winter stay in warmer latitudes it means that spring and light are here. In the southeast of Sweden, we celebrate Bird crane day, a tradition that stretches back to the 16th Century. If you left a small gap in the window or the fireplace, the crane can get in and leave a treat for the kids.

Bird crane day is celebrated 25th of March, on the same day as Mary Annunciation day, nine months before Christmas. What the kids get as a gift has varied over the centuries, nowadays it's mostly candy and/or some small toys. According to tradition, you put a sock on the bed's headboard on the evening of March 24th. The crane then comes during the night to the 25th. Sometimes it leaves trays after like footprints or maybe one or another feather or bird droppings.

Perhaps you are living in another part of our country or in another place in the world. Don’t let geography stop you from embracing Bird crane day too. We dare to promise that it will be a big success with the kids. And who doesn’t love to see the joy in their eyes when they get surprised?