Every month, we select a toy from our assortment that we think fits in a bit extra in everyday life. For January, we have chosen our City Garage! Why? Yes, because it is perfect for the days you spend indoors due to stormy weather. The set is good for the children's imagination and social development.
This complete toy is designed with two floors and has an elevator. Also with a ramp and helicopter pad! Downstairs you will find the gas station because all toy cars need to be refueled. Do not worry though, the petrol is both cheap and environmentally friendly - it runs on 100% play and mischief!

This set includes 2 cars, 1 helicopter, 1 garage with ramp, and 7 road sections.

As always, our toys are Swedish-designed and 100% dishwasher friendly.

You can find it here in our online store for 49,90€.

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